Burrowing our way through the future

We’ve had a few exciting updates from the ever growing games indie Remode who are currently working on a new game concept called “Burrow.”  Inspired by 1990s retro games, Burrow aims to be the definitive digging game in the history of mankind.

Set in the future following a global disaster, the game requires strategic thinking, as players have the option of cooperating with others instead of aggressive player vs player competition to control a range of robots to rescue a group of humans that survived and are now hiding underground. The icing on the cake; players must work together to rescue humans while avoiding the threat of aliens.

Burrow will be extremely enjoyable to play by yourself, but it’s the cooperation with other players that will make it different to the usual single or multiplayer games. Working together to help save fellow humans, instead of killing everything that moves, will be a primary focus and the game will also echo contemporary issues like government response to a crisis. It may even be set in London.

Slated for release in the next twelve months, keen gamers can sign up for updates at www.burrowgame.com

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