Education in the Republic of Korea and the UK: National Treasures or National Headaches?

Rebecca Boyle Suh, founder of Artis, a social business dedicated to transforming education through the arts, posted a blog to Huffington Post UK exploring the education values in the Republic of Korea, where her company was recently invited. Although Korean … Continue reading

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Time to switch: new activity for primary schools from Artis

In this activity children copy the teacher’s sequence of four actions, tapping different parts of the body and keeping a steady rhythm. To make the activity more challenging the teacher says “switch”, so that children drop out and join back … Continue reading

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Burrowing our way through the future

We’ve had a few exciting updates from the ever growing games indie Remode who are currently working on a new game concept called “Burrow.”  Inspired by 1990s retro games, Burrow aims to be the definitive digging game in the history … Continue reading

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