Women in VR: ANAGRAM to premiere theatrical VR experience at Tribeca exploring our relationship with power

ANAGRAM, award-winning immersive experience designers and residents at Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio, will premiere profound and playful experience The Collider at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. 
The Collider is a machine, built to decode the mysteries of human relationships. Its mission: to identify and understand the invisible material that passes between people – the corrosive, delightful and mysterious matter that keeps us together and pulls us apart.  Forever trapped in our own heads, can we travel across the cracks that separate us? And if you make it across – do you dominate, surrender or create something beautiful together?

Created for two people at a time, the experience guides each person through their journey in the machine.  Each participant enters separately and is invited to reconstruct a memory of feeling either powerful or powerless inside a glass display stand using an array of miniature figurines, props, and paper.  Deeper into the machine, their journeys converge. One enters a virtual world revealing the inner vision of the machine with the other able to manipulate the visions and actions inside that virtual world. The Collider builds the real choreography of going in and out of VR, and the dynamic between the person watching and the person inside, into a theatrical experience which creates its own spectacle – a dance between two limited humans failing and failing again to see the other’s experience and then, finally, the rush of connection when they do.
With the uses and abuses of power sitting at the heart of today’s public debates.,The Collider asks: what do you do with power when you’ve got it?

ANAGRAM are Amy Rose and May Abdalla, two ex-documentary filmmakers who left their day jobs in 2013 to strike up a partnership and specialise in VR, interactive installations and immersive theatrical experiences weareanagram.co.uk

The Collider will run daily 26th April -  4th May at Tribeca Festival Hub:
If you’re lucky enough to be going along book tickets here 

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