Uplifted – the new happiness game from Channel 4 Education

Uplifted, a new iOS and Android app about happiness, commissioned by Channel 4 Education and created by digital creative agency Kanoti is set in the faraway land of Happ, a place filled with joy, wonder and delight – or least … Continue reading

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Tomorrow on Channel 4: The Human Mannequin

Commissioned by Channel 4 Education and on Channel 4 tomorrow night, the inspiring story of teenager Louise Wedderburn who has a rare genetic condition called FOP which is causing each of her joints to lock, as her muscle turns into … Continue reading

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Daredevils: Life On The Edge, with Danny MacAskill

26-year-old Danny MacAskill may look like an ordinary Scottish lad but he’s got very special skills that set him apart. Skills that play with the notion of life and death and calculate danger to incredibly sophisticated levels. Some call Danny … Continue reading

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