Daredevils: Life On The Edge, with Danny MacAskill

26-year-old Danny MacAskill may look like an ordinary Scottish lad but he’s got very special skills that set him apart. Skills that play with the notion of life and death and calculate danger to incredibly sophisticated levels. Some call Danny a daredevil, and he’s certainly a sensation. A biking phenomenon and a YouTube star his cycling stunts have inspired, stunned and shocked, as he cycles over mountains, buildings, or in some cases, phoneboxes, trains, ropes and castles.

How does Danny and others get involved with extreme sports? In Daredevils: Life On The Edge, a Channel 4 Education commission directed by Mike Christie, the audience finds out, exploring why so many young men engage in high-risk endeavours and what happens to their minds and bodies as they do so.

Join Danny tonight, Monday 2nd July at 10pm on Channel 4; a little preview below.

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