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Results just published from a pilot industry panel reveal the top priorities for film and games industry professionals.

Employers from the film industry joined Creative Skillset’s influential online industry panels and took part in its pilot survey in February.

Following the success of the pilot, the first of three annual surveys will take place in the summer and Creative Skillset is calling for more employers and individuals within the workforce to join. The short online surveys contain no more than ten quick questions and contributors get priority access to the results.

The pilot results revealed that film employers identified investment needs, training and future trends as their priorities. The issues that were most prevalent around training were funding and future training needs, those most prevalent around future trends were future business needs and technology, and investment opportunities and company development were the most predominant concerns around investment needs.

Computer games employers identified future trends, training and talent acquisition as priorities. Technology, consumer trends, and ‘future needs of business’ were highlighted as the main areas of concern for the future. The issues that were most prevalent around training were funding, future training needs and return on investment, and the issues most prevalent around talent acquisition were staff retention and recruitment. Despite the growth of apprenticeships across the Creative Industries, employers felt these were less relevant to the computer games industry.

Results from the panels will feed into Creative Skillset’s strategies for developing skills and talent to drive growth in the Creative Industries and the UK economy.

Employers and professionals in the film and games industries are urged to give their views and be part of the panels to input into issues such as skills gaps, training and how best to support the UK Creative Industries in remaining globally competitive.

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