Rival Consoles’ incredible soundscape composed for Alexander Whitley’s dance production Overflow, is out now

Rival Consoles new album Overflow, a resonant and explorative soundscape of original music, composed for renowned choreographer Alexander Whitley’s contemporary dance production of the same name is out now.

Check out this brilliant video for first track, Monster, directed by Dan Medhurst https://youtu.be/27QqChYNNuQ

Stream it: https://idol.lnk.to/Overflow (for all vinyl addicts, there's a gorgeous 2 LP set too)

Alexander Whitley's dance production delves into understanding the explosion of information we’ve experienced since the introduction of the internet, the analytical systems we’ve come to know as ‘big data’ and the social platforms that have emerged from it. Hyper-stimulated by algorithmically personalised streams of media and increasingly dependent on ‘likes’ as a measure of self-worth, emotions have replaced things as the driving force of consumption, fracturing experience into ‘jittery, schizoid intervals’ (Radical Technologies by Adam Greenfield). Overflow seeks to connect with the tensions and strangeness of life in this qualitatively new paradigm of media and communication.

“The piece opens with Monster which has a kind of drunken madness to it, highly repetitive to mirror the repetitive nature of how we as humans engage with technology such as social media. It’s sometimes edging towards chaos but yet always returning back to the same starting point, but eventually giving way to exhaustion,” says West.

Overflow was premiered by the Alexander Whitley Dance Company in May 2021 at the Sadler’s Wells in London and is scheduled to tour through theatres in Europe in spring 2022.

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