Boys Like Us – a poignant exploration of self-discovery, identity and race by 20 year old film maker Mikael Techane

20-year-old filmmaker Mikael Techane's debut short film ‘Boys Like Us’ is an affecting journey through innocence, self-discovery, identity, race and poignantly captures the moment where the childlike naivety of youth is stripped away and a new state of self-awareness dawns. He doesn’t intend it to be an all-encompassing depiction of “the black experience” but documents elements of Mikael’s personal experiences and of those around him.

The film is both a love letter and a send-off, a piece to relate to or empathise with.‘Boys Like Us’ is a message to everyone, regardless of background and we absolutely love it.   

Mikael made the film for the brilliant Rife Magazine - a youth-led online platform for young writers and filmmakers supported by Watershed in Bristol to celebrate and showcase their work and help them progress in the creative industries.

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