1 in 5 bisexual people have been sexually assaulted at work

Today is Bisexual Visibility day. It’s a day to celebrate bisexual people across the globe and highlight the history and culture of the bisexual community and address the issues faced by it.

For Bisexual Awareness week , 16- 22 September, I have a message for the bi trade unionists, and my bi friends and family and to all those bi people I don't know - you are loved, you are valid and you are valued.

And, importantly, the trade union movement has and will continue to stand up for your right to be visible part of the LGBT community and be free from discrimination.

Too often the bisexual experience is left out of important LGBT+ research, discussions and policy development. This clear bi-erasure continues to contribute to a poorly developed understanding of bi people’s experience at work and the particular types of discrimination they experience.

So this year, to mark Bisexual Visibility Day, we are highlighting bi people’s experiences of sexual harassment at work, drawing on the findings of our recent report . This will hopefully help workplaces tackle the issues that affect them at work and ensure their policies are inclusive of bi-workers.

Research shows workplaces which encourage authenticity are more likely to have higher retention rates, increased productivity, higher levels of commitment and this all adds up to a happier workplace.

Read the full article by Quinn Roache https://www.tuc.org.uk/blogs/1-5-bisexual-people-have-been-sexually-assaulted-work1 in 5 bisexual people have been sexually assaulted at work

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