What will your London of 2022 look like?

Six months ago, as John Lanchester published Capital – his epic tale of post-crash London published by Faber and Faber. Media storyteller Storythings launched its online companion PepysRd.com, an interactive website to find out what Capital’s readers and the public at large, feel about the future.

Those who signed up to the website were invited to reflect and answer a new question each day for ten days. Each question was framed about major issues facing us now that will affect Britain for years to come: from the economy, housing, to healthcare, and education.

This regular system of repetition lets people reflect on their choices encouraged by the mini data-stories they receive sent personally and written by Lanchester himself.

Now, six months on, the results of this survey have been collated. Find out more at www.PepysRd.com

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