Updating the humble postcard for the Facebook generation

Have traditional postcards had their day? Quite, the opposite, say creators of ‘Cards In The Post’, a project from tech start up Electric Animal, which launched last month.

“The problem with postcards is writing them, not receiving them, says Richard Neville from Electric Animal. “The old-fashioned way is too much effort and too little reward for the sender. Who wants to make yet another trip to the shop, pick a card and queue for stamps, when your mobile phone is already in the palm of your hand?”

Reportedly only 3% of us send a postcard while on holiday (Mintel, 2012) yet 16.5 million Britons updated their Facebook daily. At the same time, receiving a postcard from a loved one is so much special then following their uploads on social media. Cards In The Post have come up with a simple solution - sending physical postcards at the touch of a button.

It’s easy, and intuitive for all of us who prefer to use our phone to communicate rather than going in search of the nearest Post Office. Anyone can use the service without the need for an app or download, which provides a way to upload a picture (or choose from a global web image archive), add a few words, an address and hey presto, a physical card with a personal message and image are on their way to your grandma. The service costs £2.00 for UK postage, about the same price as buying a card and a stamp but without the time wasted to find a post box or a post office.

Find out more at www.cardsinthepost.com.


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