99 Tiny Games unleashed around London

Like mushrooms after rain, all manner of colourful circular shapes have sprung up over London. They come in a range of colours, are about a foot wide, and grow on the ground and walls for the duration of the London 2012 Olympic Games

Read the stickers, and you’ll discover a simple set of rules you can follow to have a game right there and then - whether you’re on your way from work on the Southbank, or shopping on the high street in Hounslow - each borough has one and they are for everyone no matter how young or old, timid or adventurous. Leading busy lives, we can sometimes forget that play is all around us and that no one is ever too adult to play.

These simple games, created by Alex Fleetwood and his team at Hide&Seek are easy to learn, fun to take part in and as easy as grabbing a latte on your daily commute.

Find out where and how to play at www.99tinygames.co.uk.

Part of Showtime, presented by Mayor of London and London 2012 Festival.

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