Our crime: BBC 3 goes behind the scenes of teen crime

Many of the crimes committed by teenagers in the United Kingdom are captured in self-shot footage from bystanders, victims, and often the offenders themselves, whilst others are caught on the four million CCTV cameras nationwide.  New BBC3 series ‘Our Crime’ explores the human stories behind these shocking real-life scenes of violence, theft and mayhem.

In four bold episodes that feature interviews with with those affected by the crimes as they watch the footage on screens in front of them, Our Crime gives a fresh insight into different criminal acts where the images of the crime being committed and their aftermath have had a life online.The series tackles the lasting impact of robbery on victims, last year’s riots, the lure of speed for young drivers and how attacks by gangs can escalate into people losing their lives.

Episode 1 - ‘Robbed’ airs tonight on BBC3 at 9pm:


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