Marcus Miller, the baron of bass.


Calm down calm down! Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with different forms of music improvisation by its chordal complexity, often exhibiting ii V progressions in multiple keys… zzz. - lets just remind ourselves of one of the greats.

Marcus Miller, baron of bass and sultan of session continues to perform and is coming to the UK in May 2012. Having played and written with the likes of Miles to Mariah, Elton to Vandross, we have an exclusive into the world of a living legend. Credited for developing “slapping” and “thumb”, Marcus’ innovative signature style confirms his judicious talent. Marcus will be gracing us with his forthcoming album “Renaissance” at the upcoming Jazz FM shows - one at the Royal Albert Hall and one at the HMV Ritz in Manchester.

Thanks to Marcus, LadburyPR HQ has been transformed into the intro of Seinfeld. Who ever said thumbing was dead?


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marcus Miller
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