Choreographer and Strictly Come Dancing legend Arlene Phillips chooses to live below the poverty line

Arlene Phillips has had a glittering career in the world of British dance, becoming a household name in the 1970s with her dance troupe Hot Gossip, before going on to choreograph the 1982 film hit Annie, and most recently, winning the public’s hearts as celebrity judge on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

This year, she will be taking on an altogether different challenge, as she dedicates a full working week on 22 – 26 April together with her daughter and staff at her office, to live below the poverty line, spending just £1 each day on food.

The challenge is part of a powerful campaign called ‘Live Below The Line’, which is raising awareness of extreme poverty and funds for charities around the world that work hard to eradicate causes of global hunger and disease, including Malaria No more UK.

This is the second year running that the former Strictly Come Dancing judge is undertaking the 33p – a meal challenge. She reflects on her effort last year:

“Living on £1 a day last year was hard, I missed being able to choose what I wanted to eat and where. But that’s the whole point of this inspiring, experiential campaign – It makes you think about life in poverty without choice, the stark reality for 1.4 billion people who live on £1 a day, every day for absolutely everything.”

Keep up with Arlene as she undertakes the challenge to live on just £1 a day and find out how you too can take part at:

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