Channel 4’s Battlefront Tackles Youth Unemployment

According to Government statistics, over 20% of the UK’s 16 – 24 year-olds are unemployed, amounting to more than a million young people. Our country’s youth is at the forefront of the current unemploment epidemic.

To tackle the biggest issue facing young people today, Channel 4  announced this year’s Battlefront campaign will focus on youth unemployment and underemployment. In previous years Battlefront signed up thousands of new organ donors, started a Government-wide discussion of mental health, and lobbied for the creation of a thousand new work placements for young people. It will be tackling the current issue with as much effort and vigour as ever.

Four unemployed young people will take part in the campaign. They are 23-year-old Ava, who has a journalism degree but has not been able to secure a job since graduating, 22-year-old single mum Kealy who is struggling to find a job that would cover her childcare, 22-year-old graduate Myles who has applied for over 40 jobs without luck and 20-year-old Chelsie who completed her A-levels two years ago and can’t afford to go to university, nor has been able to find work.

The campaigners will be supported by celebrity mentors, James Caan, Alastair Campbell, Metro’s John Higginson, Hayley Taylor aka Channel 4’s Fairy Jobmother and Mr Drew from ‘Educating Essex.’ Together, they will highlight the difficulties faced by young people looking for work and suggest solutions for ways to find employment or create their own.

The campaign is now live online at and will broadcast on Channel 4 in the autumn. There are also many opportunities to get involved yourself so to find out more about the campaign visit:

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