Beautiful butterflies resurrected from an 800-year-old castle

Fonmon Castle stands proudly in the Vale of Glamorgan on the coast of South Wales – one of the few remaining Welsh castles still lived in as a home, and currently a popular wedding venue. It was built by the St. John family in the early 13th century and has changed hands only once, in 1654, the current owner being the 16th Baronet, Sir Brooke Boothby.

As part of a recent branding commission led by creative branding consultancy Goosebumps a Victorian Boothby family heirloom was discovered and rescued: a bound book of a poem called ‘The Bat’s Hum’, hand written by the Reverend Charles Boothby in 1828 and illustrated with a stunning set of pen and ink butterfly drawings by his wife Marianne. The hand painted illustrations have now been made into a set of most extraordinary prints, available from ArtByEdition. The illustrations will also form an integral part of the Fonmon Castle brand designed by Goosebumps, unveiled later this year.

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