Watershed Arts CEO, Clare Reddington is doing a 24 hour sponsored silence in support of young voices being heard

Rife magazine is Watershed's online magazine created for young people, by young people and from 21:00 on 22 July, in support of Rife, Watershed's CEO Clare Reddington will begin a 24 hour sponsored silence to raise awareness of the need to ensure that young voices are heard. Clare will be handing over her meetings, her social media and attendance at Bristol’s annual culture drinks to the young people of Rife while she spends the 24 hours listening to what they have to say, taking the role of silent witness to help ensure that young voices are heard.

Clare says:

“Young people are sick of being talked about instead of talked to. Rife unleashes their voices, so I am staying quiet so they can be heard. I will remain silent for 24 hours - I am an opinionated soul and the role of silent witness will be a challenge… Please help me out with sponsorship for Rife
and the young creatives we support.”

Clare will be shadowed Tim Lo (Rife Content Creator, 2019) and Shamil Ahmed (Rife Content Creator, 2015) who will take over Clare’s day by chairing meetings, advocating for Rife and posting updates on Clare’s social media, and making sure she keeps quiet.

Rife Magazine was created in 2014 by young people who felt marginalised by how they were represented in the media and limited by the opportunities available to them. Last year Rife reached over 200,000 people - 70% of our paid young content creators roles are from a BAME background and 60% of our roles are non-graduates.

Asked how hard did she think Clare would find this challenge, Clare’s Mum, Angela Reddington, said…

“Clare was not a quiet child and has never been reticent in sharing her opinions, so this is going to be a real challenge…but we reckon she’ll do it for Rife.”

The money raised through Clare’s sponsored silence will go directly towards supporting this vital part of Watershed's work. It also coincides with the launch of Rife's first book Rife, Twenty-one stories from Britain’s Youth, an anthology of essays from passionate young voices that have been curated by Nikesh Shukla, editor of the acclaimed bestseller The Good Immigrant, and Sammy Jones, written content Editor at Rife.

Clare says -

"This is a cause I feel very passionately about - I have learnt so much from working alongside the Rife team and they shape every part of what Watershed means today."

Everyone at Watershed really believes Clare can do this - if you do too then please see more about the Rife campaign and support Clare’s silence.

You can also buy the book Rife - Twenty One Stories from Britain's Youth

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