Playable City Shortlist, which one would you vote for?

If your daily commute is ocassionaly peppered with wishes that the city you live in could be more fun, then you may feel a glimmer of hope to discover Bristol’s Watershed has published a shortlist of international creatives that have been busy thinking up ways to make the city you’re in, that little bit more “playable.”  Each creative has submitted projects for the international Playable City award which will provide £30 000 to the winning proposal to transform the cities we live in, starting in Bristol, where Watershed is based, before touring around the world.

The ten shortlisted artists who will be merging the realms of art and technology have been announced this month and they are…

Ludic Rooms, Talking Birds | The Balloon-ometer is a crowd controlled installation that uses microphones, balloons and fans to create a spectacle both day and night.

Nicky Kirk, Ed Carter | Cast is a city-centre pavilion made from 3D scans of items provided by the public that will become a destination for sound and lighting elements that respond to the form itself.

Laura Kriefman | The City you Dreamed of will allow people to build their own spaces with huge building blocks that will light up, sing and slide open though the use of embedded sensors.

PAN, Gyorgyi Galik, Tom Armitage | Hello Lamp Post asks people to communicate with objects and each other using their smart phones to create narratives that can be heard in a physical installation.

Fred Deakin | Interactive Album is an collaborative format existing simultaneously online and in the real world, forming a hybrid between light installation musical performance and generative interface.

Rune K. Drewson, Andrea Hasselager | Jolly Brolly Mystery explores Bristol while solving a murder mystery through the use of an interactive Clue Box and a GPS installed umbrella.

Floating Point | Noah’s AR(k) is a series of five 3D scanning booths that allow images of people to be uploaded to an augmented reality landscape in lifesize.

Hide&Seek | Playscape is a network of lightweight, robust digital screens situated around the city acting as a source for many different types of interaction and play in the urban great outdoors.

Seb Lee- Delisle | Robot Runners is a real time geo-location game that makes a large open space into game field where players work together so that they’re actions are mirrored by robots.

Lucky Frame | Sing a little Song will create digital songbirds that will be placed around the city in hidden locations that will sing based on messages from social media.

The winner will be picked on 21 January by a panel of judges, which includes Grammy Award winning musician Imogen Heap.

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