(Not quite 99) Red balloons used to create aerial city map

‘Walking the Sky’ is a project organised by the Watershed Arts Centre in Bristol and created by James Bridle, where participants walked around the Portuguese city of Guimarães sporting a bundle of massive red balloons each carrying a cameras attached to it, which will generate the imagery for the aerial maps of the city.

The mapping project is part of the Open City programme for Guimarães and its focus is precisely that: Altering both the map and the reality of the city through interventions, artworks and new perspectives. But how is this remapping made public, made visible, and most importantly, made “open”? As James noted:  “it’s a brilliant opportunity forlearning about and contributing to a truly citizen-owned map of the city.”

See http://grassrootsmapping.org for some of the techniques used in this workshop.

Visit watershed.co.uk/opencity to find out more about the Open Cities programme.

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