“Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to direct your attention to the on-board safety demonstration and ask that you give us your full attention…

... In the unlikely event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, alternative scenarios will be provided. Next of kin will be provided. Additional desserts will be provided. An extra pillow. Trumpets and gongs. Neither Heaven nor Hell is assured. We’re not responsible for your final destination."



Flight, created by DARKFIELD, is the second in a series of performances taking place in shipping containers, in absolute darkness and utilising binaural sound. It runs for 30 minutes, can run 2 times an hour and can be translated and adapted into any language.

The many-worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics proposes that every time there is more than one possible outcome, all of them occur. Countless worlds of varying similarity where anything that can happen is already happening.

Maybe there is some comfort in knowing that however, ill-advised your choices have been - there is a version of you who made better ones and is suffering from less regret and embarrassment. Flight explores the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics and how this conveniently tells us how to avoid the worst case scenarios that we all fear.

Catch FLIGHT at Dartington Live, Totnes from Friday 23rd November - Sunday 2nd December with a special artist event with Darkfield Directors, Glen Neath, and David Rosenberg, in conversation at 12 noon on the 1st December.



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