Is the future of Books & Print here?

If you’re wondering what the future holds for books, look no further than the Books & Print REACT Sandbox programme. REACT, a recently formed Bristol based hub of creative knowledge, are funding unique partnerships between academics and economy partners to create ground-breaking to write, read and love books. Eight ideas are announced today, and include a bi-hacked book, a book specific to a train journey from Bristol to London, a wholly interactive library and a project exploring a more community based take on local journalism.

The collaborations will focus on novel prototypes that will merge literature with technology we use today.  The projects’ potential business accountability will also be explored and with the advent of digital printing, these collaborations will be swapping pages for images and book marks for URLs and apps.

Turning the page on the way we used to view books, the support will offer £50 000 for the academic partner including up to £10 000 to the creative economy partner.

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