India’s UnBox Festival underway for 2019

Aiming to deconstruct the past, deliberate on the present and assemble ideal futures across streams of design, art, culture, technology, and policy

This week, Quicksand Design Studio, launches the return of India’s preeminent interactive, multi-disciplinary festival platform UnBox Festival. The 5th edition of UnBox is taking place in Bangalore, capitalizing on the city’s vibrant technology, start-up, and arts communities.

From 15-17 February 2019,  participants will be exploring intersections across design, art, culture, technology and policy. Quicksand Design Studio’s UK based partner studio, Invisible Flock will be in attendance this year, bringing 5 delegates from the UK to collaborate in a special makers lab.

With a focus on participation and incubating new projects, UnBox is where people from seemingly disparate backgrounds, but with similar interests come together to explore diverse themes and apply their unique skills and talents in co-creating new products and ideas. Every part of the festival is carefully curated for a rich balance of the intellectual and the experiential.The festival brings together technologists, activists, policy makers and a mix of the creative community to ideate and collaborate on the most pressing challenges facing India today. It will run across three full days with workshops, labs, conference sessions and conversations along with evenings of performances and excursions into the city, all curated to inspire, provoke and imagine.

The festival aims to make space for serendipitous discovery, connections and learning by deep diving into stories of people, places, objects and ideas. Topics will include

1.     Humanising Technology: Rituals of the Digital Age 

2.     Conservation & Ecology: The role of technology 

3.     Preferable and Emergent Futures 

4.     New Economies and Practices 

By bringing together unheard faces, fresh eyes and a new city, this year’s edition of UnBox will deconstruct the past and build a speculative future, while celebrating the contradictions of our present through the lens of technology, democracy, heritage and new economies.

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