Hearing films and seeing music

Do you think of films as a visual medium or is it all about the sonic subtleties of the story - the passion of the film score, the intricate layering of sound effects?

This February and March, Watershed are exploring the role of music in film through its two-month festival called Filmic. Sir Christopher Frayling has curated a series of Sunday Brunches watching classic Spaghetti Westerns - the first genre to effectively deploy soundscapes and sound effect design, and triple Oscar-winning composer Michel Legrand will come in for a special talk about his six decades of film and music and a special performance on piano with his wife on harp - a celebrated Paris Orchestra musician in her own right.

Legrand is perhaps most famous for ‘The Windmills of Your Mind’ composed for the original Thomas Crown Affair, but we’ll leave you with his wonderfully sonic take on spoken word in Umbrellas of Cherbourg (via a fantastic Mint Mag preview)

For more info, please visit www.watershed.co.uk/filmic

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