Ladbury is working with a collective of UK based female film and television industry leaders. We got together at the end of last year, in response to the sexual harassment scandals in our industry and beyond. Inspired by the TIME’S UP movement in the US, we have been working to continue the incredible movement this side of the Atlantic. We launched the fledgling TIME’S UP UK at BAFTA Film Awards back in February, the first major film awards ceremony in Europe this year, to make a statement of global solidarity to show that the issue is not being forgotten, and to join hands with people across all industries who have experienced inequality and abuse.

We wore black to follow suit from our sisters who attended the Golden Globes. Since then we have br ought TIME’S UP to the Empire Awards, to the Olivier Awards, and have helped raise awareness of new guidelines and helplines that have been launched in the entertainment industries to help us create systemic change.

Here in the UK, more than half of all women and nearly two-thirds of women aged 18 to 24 have experienced sexual harassment at work. And we hope that those of us who are privileged enough to have a platform, can use it to raise awareness of the experiences of women beyond our industry, whose experiences are often silenced and marginalis ed. As part of that effort, many of us have contributed to a UK Justice and Equality Fund which has already raised £1.6million to resource organisations helping to end the culture of harassment, abuse and impunity.

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