“I Need A Dollar” singer Aloe Blacc goes to Ghana with Malaria No More

This heartwarming short film follows American soul singer Aloe Blacc on his first trip to Ghana in Spring 2012 as an ambassador for UK charity Malaria No More UK. Malaria No More has a goal to ensure every home in … Continue reading

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Clap and Click with Artis

Artis Specialist and Mentor Leader Stuart Barter (Chime) once again successfully fuses music, drama and movement – in an innovative and fun way, the children have to play back a rhythm using claps and clicks depending on what part of … Continue reading

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marcus Miller

Marcus Miller, the baron of bass.

JAZZ. Calm down calm down! Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with different forms of music improvisation by its chordal complexity, often exhibiting ii V progressions in multiple keys… zzz. – lets just remind ourselves of one of the greats. … Continue reading

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Homespun Style

Homespun and Stylish

A quiet revolution has swept the country over the last two years, like a gentle tsunami laced with, well, lace, and buttons, and knitting wool. For everywhere you look, craft has enjoyed a subtle boon, from cool knitting clubs to … Continue reading

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Our crime: BBC 3 goes behind the scenes of teen crime

Many of the crimes committed by teenagers in the United Kingdom are captured in self-shot footage from bystanders, victims, and often the offenders themselves, whilst others are caught on the four million CCTV cameras nationwide.  New BBC3 series ‘Our Crime’ … Continue reading

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