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What Works to Prevent Violence Against Women & Girls
Ladbury is a strategic communications consultancy delivering creative, intelligent campaigns across arts and culture, science and tech, non-profits and global development. Ladbury works both nationally and internationally on a diverse range of projects that have one thing in common – a contribution to society whether through an organisational goal, an innovative approach, or simply a talent worth recognising.


Posted on by Rebecca Ladbury
The South West Creative Technology Network announce Immersion Prototype Teams
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Posted on by Rebecca Ladbury
UK aid project helps cut violence against women by more than half in Democratic Republic of Congo
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Posted on by Yasmin Kerr
3D Sound Installation at Qatar National Library Promises Football Fans Exhilarating Experience
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26th March 2019

Check out "Blue Hands" @de_muir Diyala Muir's stark and wonderful animation that mimics the surreal experience of g… https://t.co/oOCd0BrTvc

26th March 2019

RT @guardiancities: Have you experienced segregation in housing developments? Following @harrietgrant's story on segregated play areas, we'…

26th March 2019

RT @annasmithjourno: We love revisiting and analysing films from a female perspective on #GirlsOnFilm - here's Eve Gabereau (@ModernFilmsEn…

26th March 2019

RT @TIMESUPNOW: Happy birthday Gloria Steinem! No words can fully capture the invaluable contributions you’ve made to envisioning and build…

25th March 2019

RT @WhatWorksVAWG: Indashyikirwa Women’s Safe Spaces: supporting the well-being & economic empowerment of #IPV survivors in #Rwanda. Import…

21st March 2019

Join me at the #PutItToThePeople March on March 23rd! https://t.co/IsaEKpeTkh