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What Works to Prevent Violence Against Women & Girls
Ladbury is a strategic communications consultancy delivering creative, intelligent campaigns across arts and culture, science and tech, non-profits and global development. Ladbury works both nationally and internationally on a diverse range of projects that have one thing in common – a contribution to society whether through an organisational goal, an innovative approach, or simply a talent worth recognising.


Posted on by Yasmin Kerr
Get Up, Stand Up Now
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Posted on by Yasmin Kerr
Women in VR: ANAGRAM to premiere theatrical VR experience at Tribeca exploring our relationship with power
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Posted on by Rebecca Ladbury
The South West Creative Technology Network announce Immersion Prototype Teams
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17th May 2019

Massive congratulations to the very wonderful @InvisibleFlock https://t.co/gnp0tR5kX7

16th May 2019

RT @wshed: A thrilling depiction of the origins of the marijuana drugs trade, Birds of Passage is an imaginative reworking of the tradition…

15th May 2019

RT @mavisstaples: Just found out I was nominated for Artist of the Year at the 2019 Americana Honors & Awards! Can you believe it?! Blessed…

15th May 2019

RT @annasmithjourno: I enjoyed #TheDeadDontDie for the first hour thanks to a great cast and a few big laughs (Steve Buscemi's slogan hat!)…

14th May 2019

RT @fawcettsociety: "It's easier for AI to take over the job of an accountant than the job of a care-worker. So, what's 'unskilled'? We sho…

14th May 2019

RT @clarered: Looking for a collaborative, entrepreneurial leader with a track record in business and a passion for culture to join the @ws…